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Frequently asked questions

We understand that being a Financial Guardian or Intervener can be stressful and we would like to assist you in as many ways as we can. You will find below some frequently asked questions, should you have any further queries in respect of the bond, that are not covered below, please contact Marsh by email at LPS.enquiries@marsh.com or by telephone on 0207 178 4116.

Please note "The Adult" refers to the person to whom you have been appointed as Guardian or Intervener.

Q. What is a Bond of Caution?

Q. Why do I need a Bond of Caution?

Q. I am appointed as a joint guardian with someone else what does this mean?

Q. How do I apply for the bond?

Q. Am I able to manage and view an existing bond via the www.arrangebonds.com website?

Q. Can I pay an annual Bond premium online?

Q. Can I apply for a Bond of Caution over £750,000 using the website?

Q. How can I access my bond certificate?

Q. As a joint Guardian can I access or view an application made by another joint Guardian via the website?

Q. How can I pay the Anniversary Premium?

Q. Can the caution amount be amended as the “The Adult’s” assets/estate value increases or decreases?

Q. Is a refund or additional premium due when there is a change in the Caution following the annual review of the Adult’s accounts by the Office of the Public Guardian?

Q. Is a refund due when “The Adult” dies or Bond of Caution is terminated?

Q. What should I do if I have moved address or there is a change to my email or telephone number?

Q. I have notified the Office of Public Guardian that “The Adult” has passed away, but you have still sent me an Anniversary Premium Notice?

Q. I no longer wish to be a Guardian/Intervener?

Q. What happens if the Guardian/Intervener dies?

Q. Who/When can a claim be made on the Bond?

Q. Are there any repercussions on me as guardian, if a claim is made on the Bond?

Q. Who can help me with questions that I have about my legal obligations as a Guardian?

Q. Where else can I obtain further information on my role as guardian?

Q. Can I transfer my existing bond to you?

Q. How do I make a complaint?


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